Welcome friend, please stay a while and have a browse at the articles on my blog. If you feel inclined to add a word or two yourself, your feedback is much appreciated. In case you’re wondering about the name of this blog, @Beaglesays, it’s named after my Twitter handle (which was inspired by my beagles and their personality)

I have been a professional tester since 2001. Since 2010 I have been strongly influenced by Context Driven Testing principles and practices. I have testing experience across multiple domains with a deep understanding of finance. I have held Test Lead and Test Manager roles, handling teams of up to eight direct reports and achieving excellent results. I have experience working with, and leading, both co-located and globally distributed teams. I am currently Principal QA at SS&C Technologies (formerly DST Global Solutions) working on the market leading product HiPortfolio. A strong feature of my employment, and career, has been consistent formal recognition of my ability to meet and exceed goals, manage people and produce innovative solutions.

I have strong experience in waterfall and agile methodologies. Within both methodologies I have led successful process and policy definition programs coupled with roll outs in Melbourne and Bangkok offices. Along with policy and process I have also designed and implemented metrics programs that focus on gathering information that is useful and meaningful to stakeholders. While primarily working in the manual testing sphere I have led an automation testing redesign program and implementation across a local and international office. I have significant waterfall to agile transformation experience.

I have extensive experience leading, implementing, executing and improving quality based audit programs that work with people to encourage continuous improvement and high quality software deliveries to clients.

I have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to work effectively with, internal and external, stakeholders across the software development life cycle (SDLC) to bring testing to projects at the earliest possible opportunity. I develop close stakeholder relationships as a means of generating high client deliverables. I teach others to do the same. I have a wide level of stakeholder involvement that includes working on client sites, reviewing client test programs and leading workshops.

I bring coaching, mentoring and teaching skills to each team I work with. This is used with a focus of achieving continuous improvement in individuals and teams. My primary principle is to help people discover to facilitate their development. My most recent success being demonstrated through the transformation of a team struggling with agile in to one that understands, embraces and uses agile principles to deliver high quality software as a focused, self-directed team.

Again, thank you for stopping by.


Paul Seaman

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